Essex escorts know that it’s not just the blond that is in demand right now brunettes get demanded a lot too

Escorts have been known all over the world because of their amazing looks and good interaction with clients. They are around over the years to make people happy and well-loved. Because of the many people changed their lives, and owe it to Essex escorts. Essex escorts are a beautiful woman, having this curve body, long blond hair, and their kissable lips are fantastic. Some people prefer to book blond hair since they are very alluring in the eyes, yet nowadays people choose to be with brunettes. Essex escorts are aware that brunettes have been appealing to clients and become more popular as time passed by.


Essex escorts did their best to keep in the competition, they knew that brunettes get demanded too, and it can be a threat to them. Since brunettes have been getting the appraisal, it gives the Essex escorts the signal to work harder. Being in this career for a decade, this is my first time to feel nervous about my job, says joe a  blond essex escort,  it was a different long time ago, where blond hair is the number one escorts. Sometimes, we are fully booked in a day, and grateful for it. We received a lot of good reviews from our clients and its fattening in the heart. Receiving such good and sweet words from clients make us feel good and work hard even more. Being a blond woman adds a point to us, and that was precisely a clients wants before.


Brunettes before has never caught the eye of clients, they are not even famous and usually skip by people. In short, Essex escorts with blond hair is very confident about themselves; they don’t fear to be replaced or out of the stage. They see themselves as the goddess of Essex. But in the early ’90s, one of a journalist tried to book a brunette and gave it a try. He wrote an article about his experience with a brunette that made them famous across the place. That article gain popularity and the start of blossoming career of brunettes.


Miss Janice, a brunette escort of Essex escorts speaks up in behalf of brunettes. In an article published, she was thankful for the journalist who gave them the chance to show off as an escort. She was grateful for his kind words to them and speak the truth. According to Janice, being an escort is a blessing, not just it helps us financially, but we love what we are doing. Its just that for a long time, a blond woman has been the eye of the public, and it hurts us to ignore always. But now, we can’t express the happiness we have of the overwhelming response of people to us. We never expected for a long time that we could be accepted and appreciated.


Janice publicity to the article has been the talk of the town, and wonder by most people. Since then, brunettes become one of the in-demand escorts in place. Well, blond ladies in Essex escorts doesn’t go down since there are still people who love to book them, but there is a significant change now. The agency knew about the uprising career of brunettes and thought of recruiting more brunettes to work as an Essex escorts. These unbelievable happenings in Essex escorts spread all over the world and gave a chance to all women who are brunettes to audition themselves and be part of them.


Although there are some speculations of war between a blond and brunette, their agency testified that the two are well, and have nothing to compete since they work in the same agency. Blond and brunettes are still both in demand up to now, they have agreed to work hard, and don’t think of it as a competition. Both parties are working in good terms and even had attended a victory party of brunette last year because of their high gross ever since.


As a blond, I accept that sometimes, you won’t always be first in the field, but it doesn’t mean to be discouraged and quit. As long as you know that you are still in demand, you can always try your best. Essex escorts know that it’s not just the blond that is in demand right now brunettes get demanded a lot too but does not threaten them.